01. Playing Dead (Pop Kills Remix)

02. Ride (Debby Remix)

03. Take You (In The Flesh Mix)

04. 41 (The Only One Chill Retro Remix)

05. Damage Control (Miami Vice Edit)

06. Think (About Her) [SG-1000 Revenge]

07. Body Double (Explosion Mix)

08. Sonic Sound (Piano Remake Version)

09. (Don't Believe The) Hype [Marble Zone Remix]

10. Alone (Acoustic Guitar Version)

11. Haters (Catholic Kids Dub Mix)

12. Undone (Adam, Axel & Blaze Remix)

13. Vinyl And Vodka (Groove Milk Remix)

14. Mr. Freud (Le Twist Remix)

15. (Don't Believe The) Hype [Follow Me To Shinjuku House Mix]

16. Free (1983)

17. The Way You Are